2000T Crane Drydocks World

4x 500T floating crane for Drydocks World.
Size 120m high, lifting capacity 2000T max, location Dubai, owner Drydocks World.

Asisto part in this crane:

  • 35 Electric motors ( 26 x 55kW and 9 x 37kW )
  • Approximately 20mtrs of winch control cabinets ( frequency controlled )
  • 1.6MW of sea water cooled titanium brake resistors
  • 3.2mtrs of bridge control desk and control screen
  • PLC cabinet, based on Siemens S7-300
  • Angle, proximity and length transmitters
  • Software for PLC and control screen. PLC software developed using S7-professional, STL and LAD. Screen software developed using WinCC Flex.
  • Install and commissioning in Dubai, UAE