MegaJack ALE HeavyLift

Asisto engineered and manufactured a control system for ALE's MegaJack. MegaJack is a modular jack-up system capable of lifting 5000T per tower. Maximum number of towers is now set to 64, resulting in 320.000T max load. A world record was set in 2013, lifting a complete drilling platform of 44.000T in South Korea. See the video!

Asisto part in this project

  • Two control containers including: Control desk ( screens/computers/PLC/UPS ) and complete furnished workshop
  • Two optical CAN data and emergency stop distribution boxes
  • 50 Cylinder junction boxes
  • 72 Feed-in junction boxes
  • 4 control consoles
  • 60 emergency stops, including cabling and connector
  • Approximately 350 cables, all sorts electrical and optical, including connectors   
  • A whole lot of connectors, dummies and protection covers
  • Siemens PLC software in step 7 SCL
  • Siemens screen software in WinCC Scada
  • Communication based on CAN-Open