Buoy Handling System Allseas

The Audacia stinger was equiped with a buoy handling system, capable of handling 35T buoys. An 80mtr long beam was installed on the stinger handling frame with a trolley to handle the buoys.

Asisto part in this project

  • Engineering of winches, electrics and software
  • Manufacturing: 4 winches: Hoist, 2x Trolley and Luffing, including length/spill-end sensors
  • Manufacturing: control cabinet, drives 132kW/75kW/75kW/30kW and Siemens PLC
  • Manufacturing: control desk
  • Manufacturing: brake resistors, heavy duty stainless steel
  • Delivery of P&T camera and screen
  • Delivery of lights, sockets and junction boxes
  • Installing equipment on beam (Malaysia)
  • Installing on board (Malaysia)
  • Commissioning on board (Australia)